Welcome to Book Geek Reviews, where I blog about books and pretend I’m doing it for “business” purposes (rather than personal enjoyment). This blog is a great excuse to indulge my reading addiction.

I’ve been reading since I was three and it is my favorite hobby. I review what I read—with a heavy preference for fantasy, paranormal, young adult, and mystery/suspense.

I can handle vampires, werewolves, and zombies, but ghosts really freak me out. I’m not a huge fan of historical or romance, so if I review it here, you know I really liked it.


Where’s My Line

For my personal reading, I’ll let a few curse words slip by and if a couple goes in a room and shuts the door, I’ll usually overlook it. But I don’t want to be slammed in the face with all the lurid details of their love life, nor deluged with swear words or gratuitous violence.

As for recommending books to teens, I draw the line a little tighter. If there are things in a book that I would ground my kids for doing, I will mention it in my review.




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