2016 Reading List

2016 Reading Challenge

I don’t do a detailed review for every book I read.

I can’t do a full review of every book I read. I just don’t have time. But I do try my best to post at least a few sentences about the books I finish on Amazon and GoodReads.

This is a full list of all the books I have read this year. You can sort them by category. If you click the things, you’ll see more information.

  • Peek: A really short review. This is what I’ve also posted to Amazon and GoodReads, but there is no review on this site.
  • Review: If I’ve done a longer review on this site, that link will take you to it. If not, it will take you to the Amazon page for that book.
  • Cover: If you click the cover, it shows a bigger image.


My goal for this year is 104 books!

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