About the Site

BookGeekButton_220BHi, welcome to Book Geek Reviews where I post reviews about the books I love. I sometimes participate in book launch blog tours, reading challenges, blog hops, and giveaways, but I rarely do cover reveals or blitzes.

I also rarely do negative reviews, unless I feel a pressing need to inform readers and/or potential book buyers of something I feel they need to know to make an informed choice. I’d rather flood the world with awesome than nit-pick about books that don’t live up to my expectations.

That said, I am a bit of a nit-picker. I feel no compulsion to continue reading a book if it doesn’t grab my attention within the first few pages. (See more about this in my Review Policies.)

I’ve been writing book reviews since I was in high school, first in a small newsletter I published myself with limited distribution, then in Christmas letters, and later for local newspapers.

I started blogging about books in 2006—on my personal blog, on book review blogs, and all over the Internet. In 2014, I rounded up as many of my reviews as I could find and posted them here at Book Geek Reviews (which is still in the process of being cleaned up and polished).

(For example, I updated to the easy and fun Tweak Me 2 theme and added the completely awesome Ultimate Book Blogger plug-in to make my reviewing life so much easier, but until I get all the posts converted, they won’t show up on the Reviews by lists or the Features lists.)

For more information about me personally and other places you can find me online, read Meet the Geek.