Reading Challenge: Summer Book Trek 2016

June 26, 2016 | 0 Comments


The Summer Book Trek is a fun reading challenge. I participate every year. It’s so fun. I love reading the reviews by other readers. It helps me find good books to read throughout the rest of the year.

This reading challenge is really easy. You pick as many or as few books as you like—then enter to win lots of prizes. The only caveat is—the books must be novels by LDS authors. Just hop on over and enter at

Even though I can’t win any prizes (because, seriously, I’m the host), I’m still going to post my reading list and participate in all the other ways. I probably won’t review all the books I read for this challenge here on this website, but I will post my reviews on Amazon & GoodReads.

Here are the books that I “think” I’ll be reading in July:

(Not necessarily in order. I probably won’t get them all read, and I reserve the right to add and delete on a whim! )

  1. Banished — Kimberley Griffiths Little
  2. Forever & Forever — Josi S. Kilpack
  3. Bluescreen — Dan Wells
  4. And I Darken — Kiersten White
  5. The Zion Trail — Marsha Ward
  6. Summerlost — Ally Condie
  7. The Passion of Dolssa — Julie Berry
  8. Mr. Gray — Michaelbrent Collings
  9. When I’m Gone — Emily Bleeker
  10. Calamity — Brandon Sanderson
  11. Got Luck — Michael Darling
  12. Willowkeep — Julie Daines
  13. The Librarian Shoots a Gun —Amber Gilchrist
  14. {Re} Model Marriage — Maria Hoagland
  15. Flash — Alex Hoagland
  16. Memory Hunter — Frank Morin
  17. Numbers Ignite — Rebecca Rode
  18. The Wizard’s Heir — Devri Walls
  19. Child of Sorrows — Michaelbrent Collings
  20. Rise of the Wolf — Jennifer A. Nielsen
  21. Beyond the Rising Tide — Sarah Beard



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